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Optica’s next generation zVT family of mainframe virtual tape products deliver new levels of modularity, scalability and performance. When combined with Optica’s world-class service and support and satisfaction guarantee, the zVT 5000-iNAS, zVT 3000i and zVT 5000-FLEX offer the enterprise class features required to serve the broadest set mainframe customers and workloads in the industry.

The next generation zVT 5000-iNAS High Availability (HA) multi-node base configuration is architected with (2) zVT Virtual Tape Nodes (VTNs) and (2) zVT Intelligent Storage Nodes (ISNs) to eliminate all single points of failure. Two VTNs provide (4) FICON channels and license support for 512 virtual tape drives. Two ISNs deliver 72TB of mirrored, usable capacity. Hardware compression and deduplication are standard enabling 288TB of effective storage capacity. The ISNs provide encryption of data at rest and in flight, WORM, and replication features for secure data management, DR and recovery processes

HA Multi-Node Base Configuration Features

  • (4) 8Gb FICON interfaces via (2) zVT VTNs*
  • Support for 512 virtual tape drives (256 per VTN)
  • ~1,000 MB/sec throughput*
  • 144TB Raw /72 TB Useable / 288TB effective storage capacity via (2) zVT ISNs**
  • HW compression and deduplication
  • Data at Rest Encryption (DARE) and WORM features
  • Cloning feature enables simplified DR testing and recovery (automation)
  • Flexible management via GUI, CLI and JCL interfaces
  • Integration and compatibility testing with tape management applications and tools
  • Efficient form factor: 9U with integrated switching

*Scale up to (8) zVT VTNs for up to (16) FICON connections and throughput of ~4,000 MB/sec

**Effective capacity based on 4:1 benefit from compression and deduplication (Typical Mainframe benefits range from 4:1 to 8:1) Expandable to 1PB RAW in a single frame and a maximum capacity that exceeds 11PB RAW.


  • Architected for High Availability requirements
  • Modular, scalable, resilient and affordable support of all Z workloads
  • Deploys seamlessly with no impact to tape operations or applications
  • Improves reliability, integrity, and performance of backup and recovery
  • Improves Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)
  • Simplifies and automates DR testing and recovery