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Optica’s next generation zVT family of mainframe virtual tape products deliver new levels of modularity, scalability and performance. When combined with Optica’s world-class service and support and satisfaction guarantee, the zVT 5000-iNAS, zVT 3000i and zVT 5000-FLEX offer the enterprise class features required to serve the broadest set mainframe customers and workloads in the industry.

zVT 5000-iNAS

The next generation zVT 5000-iNAS High Availability (HA) multi-node base configuration is architected with (2) zVT Virtual Tape Nodes (VTNs) and (2) zVT Intelligent Storage Nodes (ISNs) to eliminate all single points of failure. Two VTNs provide (4) FICON channels and license support for 512 virtual tape drives. Two ISNs deliver 144TB RAW and 72TB of useable NFS storage capacity.

Hardware compression and deduplication are standard enabling 384TB of effective storage capacity with a conservative 4:1 benefit. The zVT ISNs provide encryption of data at rest and in flight, WORM, and replication features for secure data management, DR and recovery processes.

zVT 5000-FLEX

The zVT 5000-FLEX Virtual Tape Node (VTN) enables you to leverage your existing investment in NFS or Fibre Channel (FC) storage. zVT 5000-FLEX connects to the mainframe via (2) FICON channels and can be licensed for 16, 64 or 256 virtual tape devices in a single 2U appliance.

zVT 5000-FLEX is available with (2) 10-GbE, (2) 1-GbE, r (2) 8-Gbps Fibre Channel ports for backend storage connectivity. The 5000-FLEX comes standard with HW compression and supports the deduplication, replication, encryption and compression storage features that you’re already using. The zVT 5000-FLEX can be deployed in a multi-node configuration with NFS storage for additional scalability and resiliency.

zVT 3000i

The zVT 3000i Virtual Tape Node (VTN) is an affordable, all-in-one mainframe virtual tape solution. The zVT 3000i connects to the mainframe via (2) FICON interfaces. The zVT 3000i ships with license support for 16 virtual tape drives, 8TB of RAID-6 protected storage and hardware compression in an economical 2U appliance.

The zVT 3000i can be pre-configured for easy installation. It’s perfect for companies with smaller, well-defined backup requirements. It’s also a logical replacement for 3490/3590 physical tape and older virtual tape solutions.

zVT Family Attributes


  • Built on a proven, 3rd generation HW platform
  • Operating in the world’s most demanding datacenters
  • Strategic IBM z Systems partner


  • Industry standard AWS file format
  • Operating System Support – z/OS, z/VM and z/VSE
  • Testing & integration with leading tape backup applications & tools

Scalable & Resilient

  • Multi-node configuration support
  • Deduplication, replication and encryption features available
  • Up to 1PB of storage available in a single cabinet (zVT 5000-iNAS)

World-class Service and Support

  • Planning & design
  • Configuration & implementation
  • Migration tools & services
  • Education & skills transfer
  • Technical support & maintenance

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • If you’re not completely satisfied, return zVT, no questions asked.

Need Something Else?

In addition to these hardware solutions, Optica offers a suite of professional services. We provide
comprehensive infrastructure planning and design, installation and testing services.