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Enhanced Data Integrity

Optica zVT Enhanced Features

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Optica zVT’s enhanced data integrity feature gives customers flexibility, control and peace of mind by ensuring the quality and integrity of their virtual tape data for its entire life cycle. All businesses have data retention policies in place to satisfy customers, gain business insight and satisfy compliance requirements.

While compliance policies define the minimum amount of time you have to retain the information, you can of course keep the data longer than required if you wish. zVT’s enhanced data integrity feature allows you to execute your data retention policies with the confidence that you’ll be able to access the data if and when you need it.

Data can be validated asynchronously at the library or volser level as a background task without impact to tape operations or performance. A synchronous read after write option is also available at the volser level for use with select tapes if business requirements dictate. Here’s how it works:

Write Operation

During a write operation, the data from the Mainframe is written into the zVT aws file, and the CRC that was created by the mainframe is written into the zVT off file.

The original CRC calculated by the Mainframe is carried end-to-end through every step and is used to verify the integrity of the data that is written to the storage repository of the zVT.

Integrity Check

Read Operation

During a Read operation, the data from .aws file is combined with the CRC from the .off file and sent to the mainframe.

The Mainframe calculates the data that is read back from the zVT against the original, stored CRC.

Optica zVT Enhanced Data Integrity feature comes standard with all zVT models. It demonstrates our industry leadership and commitment to the mainframe customer. Want to learn more? Send us an email at [email protected]

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