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Bus/Tag Interface Module for Prizm

ESBT is a Prizm compatible native ESCON (CNC) to Bus/Tag converter module. The ESBT module provides connectivity for specific B/T device types to Prizm so customers using System z12 (EC and BC) can continue to utilize critical Bus/Tag assets.

ESBT can only be implemented with Prizm and cannot be used as a standalone ESCON to B/T converter. Customers using the FXBT-34600 today, will need to upgrade to the ESBT as part of their Prizm deployment. The ESBT cannot be sold as a firmware update to an existing FXBT or NSBT. i.e. ESBT microcode will not function on FXBT or NSBT hardware.

ESBT supports maximum data block sizes as of 65,535 bytes for Prizm-ESBT applications and require a dedicated/static path. ESBT does not support dynamic switching via ESCON directors, byte mode devices or DASD attachment for Prizm-ESBT applications. ESBT can only be used by 1 LPAR at a time (existing B/T restriction). Daisy-chaining with Prizm-ESBT is not recommended without approval from Optica Technical Services as part of the design process.

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