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ZVT Leasing

zVT is flexible, affordable, easy to implement and manage


5-year lease examples:

All configurations are turnkey and include:

  • HW compression (iNAS configurations also include deduplication)
  • Encryption at rest
  • Replication and monitoring with encryption in flight
  • Enhanced data integrity checking
  • 5 years of maintenance coverage
  • Services include installation, configuration, migration, education and skills transfer


Monthly leasing options provided by Ascentium Capital – 60 monthly payment.  Fast. Flexible. Financing.
Lease payments assume fulfillment via an Optica zVT authorized business partner may vary based on actual design required. Payments reflect the cost for the Production Site. DR site pricing will be slightly lower as migration services not required. 
The zVT 5000-iNAS scales modularly to accommodate ultra-high-availability, multi-PB capacity and performance requirements of 8000MB/Sec.
zVT 3000i effective capacity based on 4:1 benefit from HW compression. zVT 5000-iNAS effective capacity based on 8:1 benefit from deduplication.

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