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Pricing & Design Inquiry

In order to define a supported Prizm solution and to provide representative pricing, there are a number of variables that must be understood that can impact the required Prizm hardware. It is important to ensure that any Prizm configuration that is proposed will meet customer requirements for device access, redundancy and performance. With this in mind, the following information is required for Optica to provide pricing and design assistance.

Please provide responses to the following questions as completely and accurately as possible so that a supported design and associated quotation can be developed that properly covers the customer requirements.

**** indicates a required field.

System Information

1. Please list all mainframe models in the current environment and the total number of LPARs for each mainframe to which Prizm will be connected. (Add up to 10)

+ Add another mainframe

2. If there will be a migration to a newer mainframe platform as part of this project, please list all of the new mainframe models and the total number of LPARs for each mainframe to which Prizm will be connected. (Add up to 10)

+ Add another mainframe

3. What is the FICON interface type of the mainframe or FICON switch that Prizm will connect to?

4. What is the rated speed of the FICON link from the switch or mainframe that will attach to Prizm?

5. Will Prizm be directly attached to a mainframe or attached via a FICON switch/director?

6. Do you plan to use FICON directors in a cascaded configuration with Inter-Switch Links (ISLs)?

8. Are ESCON Directors in use with the current configuration?

9. Prizm has the capability to emulate ESCON director functionality, and therefore ESCON directors are almost always retired when Prizm is introduced. ESCON director utilization with Prizm is supported on a very limited basis by Optica depending on the configuration and must be approved in advance to be eligible for support. Do you anticipate wanting to utilize ESCON directors with Prizm?

10. Please list the quantity, make and model of each ESCON and/or Bus & Tag Control Unit (CU) to be connected to Prizm as well as the total # of interfaces per CU. (Add up to 15)

+ Add more Control Units/Devices

11. What is the TOTAL number of physical ESCON and Bus and Tag device interfaces that will attach to Prizm? (Should match count from previous question)

12. For any Bus/Tag devices listed above, what brand of ESCON to B/T Converter is currently in use?

13. Is there an established or targeted implementation date for this project?

14. Comments or additional questions

Requestor Information

Please provide us with contact information for the primary contact person for this inquiry.

Location Where Equipment Will Be Installed