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Optica’s zVT family of virtual tape products are designed to serve the needs of the most demanding mainframe datacenters around the world. zVT products provide transparent support for all mainframe operating systems and tape management systems and are easy to install implement and manage. All zVT products are built on a reliable, third generation hardware platform, and include Optica’s world-class service and support and satisfaction guarantee.  The zVT family is available in three models to serve a wide variety of customer requirements; the zVT 5000-iNAS, the zVT 5000-FLEX and the zVT 3000i.

zVT 5000-FLEX enables you to leverage existing investments in NFS or Fibre Channel (FC) storage.  zVT 5000-FLEX connects to the mainframe via (2) FICON channels and can scale from 16 to 256 virtual tape devices in a single 2U appliance.  zVT 5000-FLEX ships standard with (2) 1-GbE ports and can be pre-configured with (2) 10-GbE or (2) 8-Gbps Fibre Channel ports.  The 5000-FLEX exploits deduplication, replication, encryption and compression storage features.  The zVT 5000-FLEX is available with multi-node configuration support for additional scalability and resiliency.



*available with (4) ESCON channels

**multi-node support is only available for NFS environments. 

"*" indicates a required field.

Datacenter Environment

Please enter the number of Datacenters that require virtual tape.

Datacenter Information

This section of the form lets you enter information about your mainframe and tape storage environment. There will be one set of questions related to your Mainframe, Physical Tape, and Virtual Tape for each site that you wish to enter. You can add up to 6 sites, if applicable.

Mainframe Environment

Please list all mainframe models that require connectivity to a virtual tape at this site. Up to 3 mainframes can be added.

Current Physical Tape Environment

Click here to add Physical Tape to this site if applicable.

Current Virtual Tape Environment

Click here to add Virtual Tape to this site if applicable.

+ Add Another Site

Current Tape Management Applications in Use

Please list information about your current Tape Backup and Tape Management Applications. This will help Optica ensure that the zVT can support your current tape applications. Up to 6 applications can be added.

(i.e. BIM-EPIC, CA-1, DTS DCC, Dynam/T, IDP FATS, RMM, etc.)

Current Backup Process

In a few words, please describe your current backup process.

Requested zVT Environment

This section of the form allows you to identify the number of zVTs desired at each datacenter site, the host interface type and the number of virtual tape drives desired per zVT.

New Virtual Tape Requirements (zVT)

zVT Storage Repository

This section of the form allows you to identify the preferred alternative for your storage repository. If you select either of the NAS/NFS storage options, additional fields will be displayed that will allow Optica to collect a few more details.

zVT bundled with NAS/NFS External Storage provided by Optica (select NFS storage options below when this option is checked)

zVT only, allowing you to leverage your own, existing NAS/NFS attached external storage (zVT will include two Ethernet ports - select options below when this option is checked)

zVT only, allowing you to leverage your own, existing Fibre Channel attached external storage (zVT will include two 8Gb's FC ports)

zVT with integrated storage repository (4 TB of internal storage per appliance)

Requestor Information

Please provide us with contact information for the primary contact person for this inquiry.

Location Where Equipment Will Be Installed

After you submit the form, you will receive an email with a copy of the information you submitted for review.

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